Meditation To Relieve Anxiety

“The Mercury News” published an article on anxiety that I really enjoyed. I want to share some of the great information with you. Anxiety can be crippling for many people. It can impact your physical, mental and emotional health. There is meditation to relieve anxiety that can be prescribed to help you but what can you do before you get to the point of needing medication? What can you do before you spiral out of control? I want to dive into the great information shared in this article.

Become In Tune with Your Feelings – Identify your feelings and what triggered the feeling. This can help you gain more control over processing and responding to difficult emotions and become more mindful about dealing with them. Isn’t this true. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. This blog will tell you about anxiety relieving meditation.

Turn Off Your Phone – In my coaching sessions I enforce this big time. Social media is full of negativity. If you use social media as an outlet, guess what you are feeding your mind. The negative thoughts don’t go away, you just push them off. It is important to be able to dial out to review what you are pouring into yourself. I tell my clients to pick a day they will not rush to the phone for 4 hours and work their way to a full day. Sure, you want to check your phone for urgent calls. The purpose of the exercise is to make sure you control the phone, and the phone is not controlling you.

Pay Attention to How You Treat and Talk to Yourself – Talking down on yourself is never the answer. Suppressing feelings won’t work or do you any good. Temporary outlets only help you ignore your deeper issues. The last person we should be afraid of is ourselves. We need to nurture our bodies and spirits. I give my clients exercises on self-talk. They learn a lot about themselves!

There are various ways to meditate. You can explore all the options and see what works for you. It tells you how to use meditation To relieve anxiety.

The Mercury News shared some great ideas.

Reading can help you relieve anxious thoughts and help you focus on something other than your thoughts and reality for a while. Read a good memoir, novel, or magazine. You can learn something at the same time.

Step outside and take a short walk to clear your head. Take care by taking a relaxing shower or steamy bath. Try a face mask.

If you have a pet, spend some time with your pet. Animals can make us laugh, and they give great hugs and helps us to relieve anxiety.

I really like to talk about self-care with my clients because our physical and mental well-being should always be a priority. I personally use tone therapy that takes just 3 minutes. I have not been asked to sale this item, but I have gifted it to friends who are very busy and feel they don’t have time to meditate. I hope you gained a few tips to help you on your journey to relax your mind and spirit from anxiety.

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