You cannot do everything that needs to be done for your company on your own. Attempting to do so leads to burnout, anxiety, and possible signs of depression.  It does not hurt to bring experts into your business.  If you are concerned about cost, you must think of how much time you spend re-doing tasks, putting tasks off till later because you have too much on your plate.  In the long run it can cost you more money trying to do everything on your own.

Using family and personal friends to help you with your business can be a huge win or a huge loss.  Family and friends can assume that they can take their time. They may require micromanagement.  They may feel okay to go modify the scope assuming they are helping you.  Remember, time is money.  Lastly, if you are not comfortable giving a friend or relative critiques you can end up with a subpar finished product and continue to get subpar product as long as you use that person as a resource.

There are several websites that have other entrepreneurs who are experts in many areas. I personally like “Upwork” .  This site allows you to put in a request and find exactly who you need for the specific task you have at hand. You can see how many customers they have supported and their fees.  You can pull in talent when needed for the specific time you require. This is cheaper than hiring a person on full time.  If you like the consultant you find, you use that person again and again as required.  The flexibility for your business based on budget makes this a great site to utilize.

“Moonlighting” is another great site I like.  You can find resources for the tasks you need support for.  You can find persons who can help you with your social media, how to organize your files, sales, marketing, writing and do research tasks you need.  This website can be a part of your team to help you focus on growing your business!

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